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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Danewort \Dane"wort`\, n. (Bot.) A fetid European species of elder ( Sambucus Ebulus); dwarf elder; wallwort; elderwort; -- called also Daneweed, Dane's weed, and Dane's-blood.

Note: [Said to grow on spots where battles were fought against the Danes.]


n. A European dwarf version of the elder, (taxlink Sambucus ebulus species noshow=1), that has a bad smell


n. dwarf herbaceous elder of Europe having pink flowers and a nauseous odor [syn: dwarf elder, Sambucus ebulus]

Usage examples of "danewort".

Rosamond would hardly be recognised, she was so little known, but Mary had often visited Gloucester for the purpose of healing some sickness, or anointing some sore, while some of the monks had used her pots of herbage, and salves of the danewort and rue.

Rosamond and the party at the fish pool, when the sub-prior showed us a fine patch of the Danewort growing near the monastery, which he told us indicated that Pendyke was once a Danish settlement, and that Danes had been massacred there in the time of the Saxon king Ethelred, and hence sprang up this bloodwort, now so famed for sprains and bruises.