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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Dandify \Dan"di*fy\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Dandified; p. pr. & vb. n. Dandifying.] [Dandy + -fy.] To cause to resemble a dandy; to make dandyish.


vb. To dress as, or to adopt the style of, a dandy.

  1. v. dress like a dandy

  2. [also: dandified]

Usage examples of "dandify".

With his muddied coat, windblown hair and weathered craggy face he did not look in the least like the dandified society rake she had first encountered--in fact, an outsider might consider that she had had quite an effect upon Mr.

He still wore his old army boots, gray trousers and tunic with CSA brass buttons, but Magpie Maggie Hag had found for him somewhere a cocked hat, and stuck in it a huge plume that made him look as dandified as the notorious fops Stuart and Custer.

In his dandified clerical ensemble and in the company of the farmer-boyish Stewart, Murrell gave a highly misleading first impression.

An act which had condescending eyebrows raised by various watching gentry at the sight of a dandified whipster waiting on his tiger.

Flushed with praise and victory over Master Toffy, George wished naturally to pursue his conquests further, and one day as he was strutting about in prodigiously dandified new clothes, near St.

Yet unmistakably, Johnny Dromore, sauntering along the rails of Piccadilly on the Green Park side, with that slightly rolling gait of his thin, horseman's legs, his dandified hat a little to one side, those strange, chaffing, goggling eyes, that look, as if making a perpetual bet.

Very kind of him, the stiff-backed prig, with his dandified airs and West-end swagger.

And Soames gave him askance a look of dogged dislike--for in spite of his fastidious air and that supercilious, dandified taciturnity, Soames, with his set lips and squared chin, was not unlike a bulldog.

He wore a heavy tweed suit and a slightly dandified dark red shirt with a white collar and tie, and no hat on the reddish-brown hair.

Ronnie North was there, breathing out clouds of steam and wiping a running nose, and Vic was there, dandified in a belted white shiny jacket with a blue shirt underneath.

In any other man she would have ruthlessly condemned so absurdly waisted a coat, so monstrous a cravat, such skin-tight pantaloons, but Peregrine was very much her darling, and must be allowed to dress himself up in any dandified way he pleased.

Worse, his cultured grammar and dandified manner could be immensely annoying.

It took a bit more effort on Brandark's part—his balalaika and dandified air made him less elementally threatening—but after the night four burly longshoremen took flight through a second-story window, their fellows decided to leave him alone, too.

He plunged at Allbellin before the dandified South American could realize what had happened.

Do you think you can't creditably engage with such a dandified fellow as I am?