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n. (plural of dance English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: dance)

Usage examples of "dances".

Dance of the Five Sons is a purely imaginary synthesis combining in most unlikely profusion the elements of several dances and mumming plays.

It is probably the survival of an ancient fertility rite and combines, in one ceremony, the features of a number of other seasonal dances and mumming plays.

He asked her if she was thinking of the exclusion of women from ritual dances and she denied this with such vehemence that it was clear the question had caught her on the raw.

It was like the eighth-grade dances she recalled in agonizing detail, the hour upon hour of sitting motionless against the wall, the muscles in her face aching from her monumental effort to keep on smiling as if she were having a good time.

By that point in history, all Stardancer dances were officially choreographed by the Starmind as a whole, in concert .

I knew I would make other dances in concert with my Stardancer brothers and sisters, and perform in theirs, for centuries to come-but this last one would be mine alone, the last such there could ever be.

Christopher Bruce came with his Ghost Dances, a beautiful work choreographed to South American music.

Llangarlians had replaced those strange, forgotten people who had built the Stone Dances, this union had been one of great soundness.

The one man who had the power to match her step by step in the twin dances of power.

Stone Dances on their way, and on the third day they came in the evening to a village that rested some five hundred paces away from the largest and most imposing of the Stone Dances they had yet encountered.

There are two dances, the first is performed when the foundations of the city walls are laid, and this is called the Dance of the Torches.

They knew the dances and the paths of the LABYRINTH, and were trained to combat whatever it was they encountered in the heart of the LABYRINTH.

OF THE FLOWERS: one of two dances involved in creating the GAME, the Dance of the Flowers is performed at the end of the ceremonies and enchantments used to establish the GAME.

Fred Astaire always insisted his dances be shot full-length and one continuous take.

She clapped at the end of the dances and once or twice cried out congratulations.