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Danakil may refer to:

  • Danakil people or Afar people, an ethnic group in the Horn of Africa
  • Danakil Depression, a desert basin in north-eastern Ethiopia and southern Eritrea
  • Danakil Desert, a desert in the Horn of Africa
  • Danakil Depression or Afar Triangle, a geological depression in the Horn of Africa
  • Danakil (band), a French reggae band
Danakil (band)

Danakil is a French roots reggae band created in 2000 by a group of Parisian college students. The band quickly gained acclaim due to the many concerts and festivals they performed in. The band continues to transmit its message through a music mixing reggae and world music.

Usage examples of "danakil".

The General felt very bad about sending anyone down into the Danakil country it was hot here in Asmara, God alone knew what it would be like down there, and the General felt a pang of dismay that he had allowed Crespi to select anyone with such political influence as the Count.

Massawa, brought up to Asmara by train, and then for them to complete the long slow crossing of the Danakil.