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interj. (context archaic English) Expressing anger or vehemence.


Damme is a municipality located in the Belgian province of West Flanders, six kilometres northeast of Brugge ( Bruges). The municipality comprises the city of Damme proper and the villages of Hoeke, Lapscheure, Moerkerke, Oostkerke, Sijsele, , and . On 1 January 2006, the municipality had a population of 10,899. The total area is 89.52 km², giving a population density of 122 inhabitants per km².

In the 13th century, Damme was the port for Bruges, to which it was linked by the river Reie. The river has now been canalised into the long, straight, treelined and picturesque Damse Vaart, which continues across the Dutch border to Sluis. The line of the town's star-shaped fortifications can still be traced by lines of tall poplar trees and in places by a moat. It was the site of the Battle of Damme, fought on 30 and 31 May 1213.

Well-known Damme inhabitants include Jacob van Maerlant, a medieval poet and the town clerk of Damme until his death in around 1300, and Karel Verleye, co-founder of the Bruges College of Europe, who died in Damme in 2002.

Damme (Dümmer)

Damme is a town in the district of Vechta, in Lower Saxony, Germany. It is situated approximately 25 km south of Vechta, and 36 km northeast of Osnabrück.

Usage examples of "damme".

Squire, agreeing with Cicely that Maria should at least thank the gentleman, said that although he could not yet understand what had happened or what had not happened, he was naturally indebted to the Scarecrow for what he had done, but, damme, he was placed in such an awkward position.

Damme if the Baton won't part it from ye, along with some Skin," such mention of Torture increasing day by day, as if his Alternatives had narrow'd to it.

Damme if I wouldn't prefer to see you wasting the ready on a pack of ragged brats than on that young once-a-week man!

Then the boy did as his master commanded, but the Hen forsaking the Pannier, came toward her master and laid at his feet not an Egge, which every man knoweth, but a Chickin with feathers, clawes, and eyes, which incontinently ran peeping after his damme.

When it comes to flying into distempered freaks, damme if there's a penny to choose between you and Mama!