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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Dammar \Dam"mar\, Dammara \Dam"ma*ra\, n. [Jav. & Malay. damar.] An oleoresin used in making varnishes; dammar gum; dammara resin. It is obtained from certain resin trees indigenous to the East Indies, esp. Shorea robusta and the dammar pine.

Dammar pine, (Bot.), a tree of the Moluccas ( Agathis orientalis syn. Dammara orientalis), yielding dammar.


n. (alternative form of dammara English)


n. any of various hard resins from trees of the family Dipterocarpaceae and of the genus Agathis; especially the amboyna pine [syn: gum dammar, damar, dammar resin]

Usage examples of "dammar".

Green Party leader, and the kidnapping and murder of Dammar Hammecher, granddaughter of the German federal court judge Ernst Hammecher.

It exports tin in large quantities, gutta-percha collected in the interior by the aborigines, coffee, which promises to become an important production, buffalo hides, gum dammar, and gharroo.

After dark the Chinamen made the largest bonfire I ever saw, or at all events the most brilliant, with trunks of trees and pieces of gum dammar, several pounds in weight, which they obtained by digging, and this was kept up till daylight, throwing its splendid glare over the whole hill-top, lighting up the forest, and bringing the cabin out in all its picturesqueness.

But before they could meet and ring the tree in, he saw the branches violently shaken, and an Arab with a roll of yellowish dammar wound about his waist, and armed with a flat-headed spear and a shield of hide, dashed from the shelter and raced out between the soldiers into the open plain.

He lives in southern France, grows his own poppies, makes real varnishes from dammar to copal, and gets his resins from all the right places, from India to the Levant.

He was bearded like a Dammar pine, of the fashion of prophets and pards, one hair sitting here, another there.