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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Damiana \Da`mi*a"na\, n. [NL.; of uncertain origin.] (Med.) A Mexican drug, used as an aphrodisiac.

Note: There are several varieties derived from different plants, esp. from a species of Turnera and from Bigelovia veneta.
--Wood & Bache.


n. ''Turnera diffusa'', an American passifloraceous shrub whose leaf were traditionally used for relaxation by indigenous peoples.

Usage examples of "damiana".

Soon enough everyone was gathered around them, Damiana sitting next to Fiona, Greg beside Reed, Elminstra on the other side of Damiana, and all the other neighbors falling in as they chose.

Fiona was under the covers with one candle still lit when Damiana came in to tuck her into bed.

But Damiana took hold of the long string of bells and shook them to a sweet frenzy.

If Damiana had lifted her voice that night, would happiness have visited them a sixth year as well?

Angeline lived on the north side of town, on the outskirts like Damiana, so Thomas pointed out various sights as they traveled through the pretty city center.

It was quite a convivial gathering, for Thomas had brought letters from Damiana and Robert had brought wine.

It was Reed who brought Damiana her breakfast in the morning, and Reed who carried her from room to room when she grew too weak to walk.

She would have sent them all away, every onehow dare they intrude on these last few weeks when there was so little time leftexcept that she could tell Damiana was renewed by the visits, made happy by the small attentions.

Reed would carry Damiana to her room, and Fiona would go in to ask if she needed anything else and talk over the day, as Damiana had always done with her.

We thought if Damiana claimed Fiona as her own, no one would think to ask questions about her.

Though you and Damiana were not very close until the children were a little older.

She had a loaf of fresh-baked bread in one hand and a bucket of milk in the other, for she was sure Angeline had had no time to be thinking of food, and Damiana was in no condition.

In fact, Damiana appeared likely to stay in her bed sleeping the entire day through, waking up only enough to nurse both infants whenever they started to wail.

And no one had chided her for that and neither had Damiana mentioned the whole incident later that night when she came to tuck the children into bed.

She had mentioned this to her mother, and Damiana had tried hard not to burst out laughing.