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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Dama \Dama\ n. a genus of deer including the Eurasian fallow deer, Dama dama.

Syn: genus Dama.


n. The game of (w: Turkish draughts).


Dama or DAMA may refer to:

Usage examples of "dama".

Vettius, crooked a finger toward Dama and nodded in the direction of the garden behind the office.

He betrayed his annoyance with a thinning of tone so slight that only Dama, of those in the office, heard and understood it.

The philosopher straightened, calm but looking older than Dama had ever seen him before.

A merchant like Dama could well appreciate the balance of risk against return.

The attendant covered the loop with wax, into which Dama then firmly pressed his carnelian seal ring.

Roman citizens of the 4th century ad: a merchant named Dama and his friend, a soldier named Gaius Vettius.

In the far corner by the roses, Dama Akantha spoke to Septimus the Elder, while Magistrate Renato looked on.

Even Dama Akantha, who had spoken derisively of the boy prince in the past, now nodded approvingly as he spoke, while Flavian was nearly vibrating with excitement.

From what Leia had gathered, the Sidi Driss had been just another farm on the outskirts of Anchorhead when Dama met her husband while accompanying Beru on a trip to meet Owen.

The memory caused Dama to blush for some reason, but she smiled and did not turn away.

Imperio de los Zares a la gran dama despojada y al caballerizo infidente.

Lester Mon Dama was no longer the young man she remembered from fifteen years ago.

Hopefully, Lester Mon Dama would keep in mind that Susan Quint was not a worshiper.

And Susan found herself wondering if Lester Mon Dama had, like many of the other priests of the Trust, taken a vow of chastity.

Her only real disappointment was that Lester Mon Dama had been called back to Irrya yesterday.