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N,N-Diallyltryptamine (DALT) is a tryptamine derivative. It has been used as an intermediate in the preparation of radiolabeled diethyltryptamine.

Usage examples of "dalt".

With a shower of crossbow bolts raining around him, Dalt quickly ducked inside.

In the dark and dampness Dalt soon found that it rapidly narrowed to a tunnel too slender for his shoulders to pass.

As his ears roared and his vision turned orange and green and yellow, Dalt screamed in agony and fell to the cave floor.

G-forces against him at that moment, Dalt would have leaped out of his chair in surprise.

He led Dalt into the adjoining room and placed a cubical helmet-like apparatus over his head.

Anthon this time, Dalt was hard put to find a way to get rid of his drugged wine.

But no other sounds followed so Dalt twisted his own key and slinked down the hall to the stairway that overlooked the dining area.

With the last word he aimed a vicious chop at Dalt, who ducked, spun and dodged out of the way.

He had inherited the Chair from the most distinguished anchor of the last two decades, Dalt Conklin, the affable and avuncular Uncle Dalt whose shoes Don Cooder had been trying to fill for ten years now.

Ser Deziel Dalt had once aspired to marry her, but he was much too dutiful to go against his prince.

Then nought would do but he must say farewell to several of the children who had become especial favorites: the Dalt boy and Lady Blackmonts brood and the round-faced orphan girl whose father had sold cloth and spices up and down the Greenblood.

Suddenly, Dalt opened his right hand and let it drift back, as his right foot performed a huge semicircular step to his rear and his left arm moved forward, leaving him in a left-handed European en garde position, from which that massive arm and matching blade immediately extended, performing an inside beat upon Eric's blade followed by a lunge.

As Dalt hurled himself upon him again, his face a half mask of blood and dirt, Luke was somehow able to strike him beneath the heart, but this did not stop Dalt's right fist which came down like a falling rock on the side of Luke's jaw.