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n. (plural of dal English)

Usage examples of "dals".

  It seemed that his people were Dals, the ones who had somehow been left out when the Gods were selecting the various races of man to serve them.

  Despite my peculiar situation, I've never been a particularly religious man, so I had a bit of difficulty grasping the concept of the spiritual pain the Dals suffered as outcasts.

  The Dals, of course, traditionally live to the south of the cluster of mountains known only as Korim, but it appeared that quite early in their history, they divided themselves into various groups to go in search of a God.

  On his way back, he passed through Kell, and he told us that the Dals were much involved in arcane studies--astrology, necromancy, and the like.

  The Dals spend so much of their time trying to look into the future that they tend to lose sight of the present.

  Mara and Issa will circle to the east through the lands of the Dals that they might come at Torak from the south of Korim.

  She was a strange girl, but the Dals all listened to her--not that what she said made much sense to me.

  Even the Dals are being gathered into the affairs of the Mallorean Empire.

There could be no question now that the Dals and the slave race in Cthol Murgos were related.

The Dals can be helpful, but if you offend their beliefs, they can make things mighty difficult for you.

Those people are Dals, and I seriously doubt that any Dal has ever hurt anybody since the beginning of time.

The Dals knew that eventually they'd have to come to terms with your people, so they decided to pose as simple fanners.

Nobody really understands what the Dals are saying—except for other Dals.

He said that nothing the Dals have ever done has ever been forgotten and that every Dal alive knows everything that every Dal who's ever lived knew.

They tried occasionally to strike up conversations with the white-robed citizens, and although the Dals were unfailingly polite, they volunteered little in the way of talk.