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Dallekh is a small village of Khar village Development committee of Darchula Nepal. According to national census report 2011 the population of Dallekh is nearly 800, resides in 85 households. Dallekh is a nearest border village of Khar VDC to the district headquarters, which is 10–12 km northeast from Darchula Khalanga.

The natural beauty of this village attract number of internal tourists every year. In Dallekh there is a small town called Vinayak which is famous for local shopping center, tea shops and small lodges. The spectacular view of Himalaya range can be observed from Vinayak. Dallekh is also one of the gateway to Api Nampa Conservation Area.

The climate of this village is tropical to sub-tropical and temperature lies between 30· c in the summer to the freezing cold in the winter. In the month of November to January this village is covered with snow. Because of unique climate this place is rich in biodiversity. The local forest called Thaam is occupied with different vegetation types which includes lower and upper sub-alpine forest ( Pine, Oak, Rhododendron). Local farmers cultivate potato, Barley, Maize, Wheat as main crops in different seasons.

The population of Dallekh is composed by Chhetri and Dalit. Major casts of the village are: Manyal, Sitoli, Dobal, Mahar, Tamata, Bisht, Dadal, Bohara and Thagunna. Majority of the population of this village depend on agriculture for their income, however the old trend is changing and people are now joining government jobs and going abroad for better life. The literacy rate of Dallekh is 70% which is just above the national average but, female literacy rate is still very poor. Most of the people of this village follows Hinduism and people worship different deities. The main deities are Daadaabaag, Chhipla Kedaar, Bhumme dewataa, Bashdhaara and Bhaaraani (Jaldewataa). Some government offices are located in Dallekh Vinayak to provide government services to the local people of Dallekh and surrounding villages of Khar VDC. The forestry office Dallekh, Khar, Police post Dallekh, Khar and Tham Community Forest Committee, Panidhara Primary School, Dallekh, are the main government bodies established here.