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Dall, as a person, may refer to:

  • Bobby Dall (b. 1958), an American musician
  • Cindy Dall, a musician
  • Curtis Bean Dall (1896–1991), an American businessman and author
  • James Kyle Dall, first headmaster of Elmfield College
  • John Dall (1918–1971), an American actor
  • Karl Dall (b. 1941), a German television moderator
  • William Healey Dall (1845–1927), an American naturalist and malacologist

Dall, as a place, may refer to:

  • Dall Island, an island in the Alexander Archipelago
  • Dall Lake, a lake in Alaska, United States
  • Dall River Old Growth Provincial Park, a park in British Columbia, Canada

Dall may also refer to:

  • Dall Sheep, a wild sheep of North America
  • Dall's Porpoise, a species of porpoise
  • Dallara, an automobile chassis manufacturer

Usage examples of "dall".

But Rimmer Dall was confident in his power, certain of his control over events and time, assured that the future was still his to determine.

Was the weapon he carried, the one Rimmer Dall had given up so easily, the talisman he sought or a fake?

Rimmer Dall gazed out upon the world, and he saw what the Druids had never been able to see.

Park, how they had met the Mole, how they had determined to go back down into the Pit a final time to gain possession of the Sword, how he had encountered Rimmer Dall within the vault and been handed what was said to be the ancient talisman with no struggle at all, how Coll had been lost, and finally how Damson and he had been running and hiding throughout Tyrsis ever since.

Padishar was how Rimmer Dall had warned him that, like the First Seeker, Par, too, was a Shadowen.

Rimmer Dall could give you the Sword and never have to worry one whit.

Par feared that his affinity with the First Seeker, whatever its nature, let Rimmer Dall glean the secrets he would otherwise keep hiddeneven those he was not immediately privy to, those kept by his friends and companions.

Whatever else Rimmer Dall might be, he was cleverfar too clever to play such a simple game .

Rimmer Dall and the Shadowen had discovered that Paranor was back and that Walker had accepted the mantle of Allanon.

If Rimmer Dall was right about who and what he was, then there was nothing he could do to save himself in any case.

But whether it would obey him was another matter entirely, and it occurred to him suddenly that if it should indeed overwhelm him and cause him to become the thing that Rimmer Dall had warned he must be, what was to prevent him from turning on his friends?

He saw Rimmer Dall smile darkly, looming above them both from within a vortex of images.

Rimmer Dall would have sent nothing less to deal with a Druideven one newly come to the position, uncertain of his own strength, of the extent of his magic, and of the ways it might be made to serve him.

Knowingly or not, the Federation served the Shadowen causea tool for Rimmer Dall and others in the Coalition Council hierarchyand it was safe to assume that the soldiers in the Kennon had something to do with the Four Horsemen.

Rimmer Dall has been chasing Par Ohmsford from the beginning and it must have something to do with his magic.