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Etymology 1 n. A pin; brooch; clasp Etymology 2

alt. (context now rare English) A hollow or depression. n. (context now rare English) A hollow or depression.

Usage examples of "dalk".

Kaymuin Rettra of Amblemorn arrived, with a detachment of Skandars and some human men of his city, and then Nemeron Dalk from Vilimong, with fifty more, and almost on their heels was Count Ofmar of Ghrav, followed by many of his people, and some Simbilfant folk, and the three sons of the vineyard overseer Rufiel Kisimir, leading a whole host of men of Muldemar, who surrounded Prestimion with loud cries of joy.

Nemeron Dalk of Vilimong, a man of some years, who had traveled from time to time in those lands.

And after a time he began to describe the lay of the land beyond them as he claimed to perceive it in his incense-visions, and Elimotis Gan and Nemeron Dalk provided amplification and correction, and Septach Melayn sketched out a rough chart of it from their words with the tip of his sword on a bare damp patch of soil, smoothing out his errors with the toe of his boot.

September morning, with the trees still green, but the asters and fleabanes already taking over in ditch and dalk, Van set out for Ladoga, N.