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Dalin may refer to:

  • Dalin, Chiayi, a township in Chiayi County, Taiwan
    • Dalin Station, a railway station, Chiayi County, Taiwan
  • Dalin, Iran, a village in Fars Province, Iran
  • Dalin (surname)
  • Dalin Tollestrup, Canadian football player, 2011 Edmonton Eskimos season
  • Liu Dalin (born 1932), Chinese sexologist
  • Wen Dalin (575–637), Tang dynasty politician
  • Dalin Myślenice, a Polish women's volleyball team known as "Dalin", based in Myślenice
Dalin (surname)

Dalin is a Swedish surname. The name frequently appears as Dahlin. Both surnames are derived from the Swedish word dal meaning valley. Notable people with the surname include:

  • David G. Dalin (born 1949), Jewish American historian
  • Kalle Dalin (born 1975), Swedish orienteering competitor and European champion
  • Per Dalin (1936–2010), Norwegian educationalist
  • Olof von Dalin (1708–1763), Swedish poet