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n. (plural of dale English)

Usage examples of "dales".

Zhentilar, one of the Black Blades that have spent years carving up the Dales and the dalefolk that live in them.

However, he meant to walk along with the Dales, and hear her aunt talk about Lois.

He would walk home with the Dales, he thought, and then he and Henry could talk it all over, down in the study.

She had grown accustomed to that weight, having carried it, with more than passing success, for year after year until she could scarcely recall save as a sort of distant dream the long-past days before war and the miseries that were its outriders had descended upon the Dales of High Hallack.

For the first time in their long history, the fiercely independent lords of High Hallack had united in common cause, for they had very quickly learned that if they did not, the individual Dales would be swept away one at a time until all had been devoured.

For many, the work of rebuilding, lives and Dales alike, proved as hard a war as that from which they had just been released, a war demanding an equal measure of courage and strength.

As for necessities, all the Dales in this locality were basically self-sufficient and traded for what they required or wanted chiefly among themselves, rarely venturing even as far as Linna either to acquire or dispose of goods.

To some Dales and some people, it brought but a few days of more or less mild illness.

He has a full garrison, while the other Dales have scarcely enough fighting men to maintain ourselves and prevent brigands from gaining a foothold in the region.

Alizon, Linna had been an insignificant village serving the few needs of the poorly endowed, rugged Dales of the surrounding region, but it had escaped the hostilities ravaging the greater part of High Hallack.

Linna had more or less resumed its old village identity and had all but reverted to the peaceful market town it had been probably since the Dales were first settled.

Even weakened as they are, he can do without alarming the neighboring Dales to the point that they might unite against him.

This Una of Seakeep had been managing her holding for a long time now, interacting with other Dales as well as ruling her own.

The Dales and their lords had not been responsible even in small part for instigating any of that.

I had no siblings, and even were there girls of my age in the neighboring Dales, distance would have prevented much interaction between us while we were very young.