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''' Dalaba ''' is a town and sub-prefecture in the Dalaba Prefecture in the Mamou Region of Guinea.

It was once home to a sanatorium, and to Miriam Makeba, who last visited the town in 1988, when she came to see her niece, N'Tombi Makeba, who lived in Miriam's house (a round building dating to the French colonial period, but using the same form as traditional homes in the region) for a number of years in the 1980s. The town is also known for its local strawberries. The town of Dalaba is the highest (in altitude) town in Guinea. It is approximately 200 km by air from the capital Conakry and about 280 km by road. The inhabitants of Dalaba are mostly Fula (; ).

The market day in Dalaba is Sunday.

The women of Dalaba dye cotton damask fabric a rich-hued indigo in detailed tie-dyed patterns.