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n. (surname: from=given names)


Dakin may refer to:

  • Dakin (surname)
  • Dakin (Firstname)
  • Dakin of Sennar (1568–1585/6), Sudanese ruler of the Kingdom of Sennar
  • Dakin, Iran, village in Tehran Province, Iran
  • Dakin, a locality in Athabasca County, Alberta, Canada
  • Dakin Island, Western Australia; see List of islands in the Houtman Abrolhos
  • Dakin (company), American manufacturer of stuffed animal toys
  • Dakin Building, office building in Brisbane, California, United States
  • Dakin reaction, chemical reaction of phenolic aldehydes (or ketones) with hydrogen peroxide
  • Dakin-West reaction, chemical reaction that transforms an amino-acid into an amino-ketone using an acid anhydride and a base
See also:
  • Dakins (disambiguation)
Dakin (surname)

Dakin is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Alec Naylor Dakin (born 1912), Cryptographer at Hut 4, Bletchley park , Egyptologist and schoolmaster
  • Christine Dakin (born 1949), American dancer, teacher and director
  • Glenn Dakin (born 1960), British cartoonist and author
  • Henry Drysdale Dakin (1880–1952), English chemist
  • Henry H. Dakin (1870–1956), provincial politician from Alberta, Canada
  • James H. Dakin (1806–1852), American architect
  • Janet Wilder Dakin (1910–1994), American philanthropist and zoologist
  • Jonathan Dakin (born 1973), English cricketer
  • Michael Dakin (born 1933), retired Royal New Zealand Artillery officer, Vietnam veteran and management consultant
  • Nic Dakin (born 1955), British politician
  • Tim Dakin (born 1958), Bishop of Winchester, England
  • William John Dakin (1883–1950), British-Australian biologist

Usage examples of "dakin".

Dakin, who somehow scratched a living from a herd of six milkers plus a few calves, pigs and hens.