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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Daker \Da"ker\, Dakir \Da"kir\, n. [See Dicker.] (O. Eng. & Scots Law) A measure of certain commodities by number, usually ten or twelve, but sometimes twenty; as, a daker of hides consisted of ten skins; a daker of gloves of ten pairs.


n. (context: obsolete) (altform dicker nodot=1 English), 10 items of some commodity taken as a unit.

Usage examples of "daker".

Toby and Flynn walked up and down outside the Daker farmhouse, getting the cramps out of their backs and legs.

Adrian Daker, the head of the family, was a short, round fellow with close-cropped grey hair, knowing blue eyes, and a constant friendly smile wrapped around a clay pipe.

Adrian Daker had pushed the heavy table aside and opened up a concealed trapdoor in the floor.

Diana Daker moved to stand close beside her husband, who was hugging his gun to his chest like a talisman.

They were Alice Daker and Jenny Marsh, girlfriends of the slumbering swains.

But I have been called Urlik Skarsol and John Daker and Ilian of Garathorm to my certain knowledge.

Even in that crowded moment, Lucy understood suddenly how Dakers had managed to reach her final term at Leys without being knocked on the head by exasperated colleagues.

Lucy wished she liked Miss Rouse better, and looked round for Dakers as a sort of antidote.

But even as she said it a flustered Dakers ran in through the open door, and stopped short as she saw the picture that waited her.

Eef eet wass possible to come to thees plaace naakid, Mees Dakers would still find something to lose or break.

Stewart was beginning, when Dakers sighted the bottle and all formality was at an end.

Pym thought not, and Dakers swung her hat in a wide gesture of burlesque farewell and went on round the house.

Manchester would be the place where the Disciples were, Aberystwyth the place where Thomas was trying to stay awake, Ling the place where Dakers was being good with the babies, and so on.

In fact Dakers was lying on a settee with her bare bandaged toes higher than her head.

Toby and Flynn were finally able to stand up straight without wincing, the Dakers led them into the farmhouse kitchen and sat them down at the table.