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Daire is an Old Irish name which fell out of use at an early period, remaining restricted essentially to legendary and ancestral figures. It has come back into fashion in the 18th century. The anglicised form of this name is Dara.

It may refer to:

  • Daire Barrach, a Leinster dynast and son of Cathair Mór of the Laigin
  • Daire Cerbba, a Munster dynast of the 4th century
  • Dáire Derg, character from the Fenian Cycle possibly identical with Goll mac Morna
  • Dáire Doimthech, a legendary King of Tara, ancestor of the Dáirine and Corcu Loígde
  • Daire Donn, "king of the great world" from the Battle of Ventry of the Fenian Cycle, sometimes referred to as...
  • Daire Dornmár, a grandson of the legendary Conaire Mór and early king of Dál Riata
  • Daire Drechlethan, a King of Tara of uncertain identity listed in the Baile Chuinn Chétchathaig
  • Daire Sírchréchtach, alternative name of Dáire Doimthech
  • Daire mac Cormaic, a son of the celebrated Cormac mac Airt
  • Daire mac Dedad, father of the legendary Cú Roí and alternative ancestor of the Dáirine
  • Daire mac Dlúthaig, father of Fiatach Finn of the Ulaid, ancestor of the Dál Fiatach
  • Daire mac Fiachna, cattle-lord from the Ulster Cycle, owner of the Donn Cuailnge and cousin of Conchobar mac Nessa
  • Daire mac Forgo (Forggo), an early king of Emain Macha of the Ulaid and alternative father of Fiatach Finn