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Dair is the Irish name of the seventh letter of the Ogham alphabet, ᚇ, meaning " oak", which is related to Welshderw(en) and to Bretonderv(enn). Its Proto-Indo-European root was *deru- 'oak'. Its phonetic value is [d].

Dair forms the basis of some first names in Irish Gaelic such as Daire, Dara, Darragh and Daragh.

Usage examples of "dair".

Sighing, I turned to Frain and told him what Dair had said, not really expecting much help from him.

Dair and Frain and my motherly affection for the pair of them, land aches and blisters, and grumbling on rainy days, and a feeling that each of us could depend on the others.

He tugged sharply on a handful of gillets, making Dair produce a muffled groan.

Dair waited until her gunner had opened their secured channel so that the medevac team could hear her.

More remnants of a past burned away beneath the blazing twin suns, Shan guessed, and stayed at the back of the medevac team as Dair led them toward one of the outcroppings fringing the settlement.

When he entered the main ops center, Dair found Paca embracing a tearful Alex.

Dair frowned, looking from his grandmother to Paca as footsteps echoed across the old stone patio.

Onkar, Saree, and Loknoth were the most experienced pilots in the squadron, so they usually worked prime shift, alternating with Dair and four other pilots.

Traveling unescorted, no less, in one of the most perilous places in all of Dair?

From the activity inside and the way her father darted down to the bottom, Dair guessed that something had gotten stuck in the baseplate tracks again.

And all are the same man, a man who has borne several names, and birthed legends over half the length of Eirrin, and who is called even mac Cuchulain and Curoi mac Dairi.