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DAIM (, like the coin dime; born 1971 in Lüneburg as Mirko Reisser) is a German Graffiti-Artist, lives and works in Hamburg. He is particularly known for his large-size, 3D-style graffiti works. This has become known as his trademark. For his technically sophisticated style he obtained the reputation of being one of the best graffiti-artists in the world.

Usage examples of "daim".

Formal proced tilde e, red tape, bureaucracy-as Einstein had daim tilde d, one could circle the universe and arrive back at the starting point, which always seemed to be a forty-page report in tripli- cate.

Then came Oliver le Daim, whom she would not listen to either, and to whose nonsense she replied, that she would ask the king if he wished her to be shaved.

La vieille lui fit signe du doigt de se taire: les chasseurs vinrent alors jeter le daim mort aux pieds du capitaine Pamphile.

I am going to the Parc aux Daims with Sergeant Méridol and twenty men to capture my quarry while I know where I can get it.

The Parc aux Daims lay about midway between the two cities, to the right of this main artery.