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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Dail \Dail\ n. the lower house of the parliament of the Republic of Ireland; -- also called the Dail Eirann. From its members is selected the Taoiseach, or prime minister.

Syn: Dail Eireann.


n. The lower house of the Irish parliament

Usage examples of "dail".

Dail will be submitted by Donald of the Warrens, Senior Bedel of the Loch Confederation.

The meeting of the Dail, of all the Phyla of the Loch Confederation, would still only represent this immediate region.

In but a few days, the meeting of the Loch Dail will take place and all the phyla either in assembly.

At the first meeting of the Dail, the sachems of the respective clanns involved meet honorably and arrange for there to be made payment of the bloodright to the kyn of the slain.

The sachems and caciques wish to speak to a man from Beyond, to send a message to the Dail of the city of New Sidon.

The women of the Phylum of Caithness were famed for their handwoven textiles and, at each meeting of the Dail, erected several booths for bartering.

The King keeps a sniffer in Fal Moran, and there's another in Ankor Dail.