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a. (nonstandard spelling of dead English)

Usage examples of "daid".

I don't mean to take the side of Remillard, Daid í, but the man does seem only to be showing prudence and commonsense.

Wells an' Slater had got to drinkin' again an' now laid daid drunk or asleep.

But Queen, the damn gun fighter, is daid set to kill that cowman, Blue, who swore he was King Fisher, the old Texas outlaw.

Because if he ain't daid he's the last of the Isbels, an' mebbe I'm the last of Jorth's gang.

  Sure it 'peared to me thet Pat was daid set to arrest the first man he could find excuse to.

  He's daid, an' people says thet Pat is a-goin' to lay thet killin' onto Gene.

  Old as I am, Miss Majesty, an' used as I am to cowboy excentrikities, I nearly dropped daid when I heered that little hobble-footed, burned-up Montana cow-puncher say there wasn't any game too swell for him, an' gol-lof was just his speed.