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n. (given name male from=Welsh), a (etyl cy en) diminutive of David.


Dai may refer to:

  • Da'i (Arabic: "missionary") refers to a person who engages in Dawah, the act of inviting people to Islam
  • Da'i al-Mutlaq is also Da'i but with some independent special power.
  • Dai (Sixteen Kingdoms), a Xianbei state during the Sixteen Kingdoms era of history of China
  • Dai (Yindu), or Daai Chin, an ethnic tribe of Chin, Myanmar
  • Dai (Spring and Autumn Period), a state during the Spring and Autumn period in Chinese history
  • Dai (Warring States period), a short-lived state during the Warring States period in Chinese history
  • Dai County, in Shanxi, China
  • Dai people, one of the 56 recognized ethnic minorities of China
  • Dai, traditional midwife in India
Dai (Sixteen Kingdoms)

Dai was a state of the Xianbei clan of Tuoba, during the era of Sixteen Kingdoms in China. It existed from 310 to 376 AD, with its capital at Shengle (盛樂) (near modern Holingol county (和林格爾) of Hohhot, Inner Mongolia).

The name "Dai" originated when Tuoba Yilu was appointed Duke of Dai (代公) by the Western Jin in 310 AD, as a reward for helping Liu Kun (劉琨), the Governor of Bingzhou (并州), fight against the Xiongnu state of Han Zhao. The fief was later promoted from a duchy to a principality. Dai was conquered in 376 by the Former Qin state, and its descendants later established the Northern Wei Dynasty in the 4th century.

Dai (surname)

Dai is the pinyin romanization of the Chinese surname written with the Chinese character . It is romanized as Tai in Wade-Giles and in Hong Kong Government Cantonese Romanisation. Dai is the 96th most common surname in China, according to a report on the household registrations released by the Chinese Ministry of Public Security on April 24, 2007.

Dai (Spring and Autumn period)

Dai was a state which existed during the Spring and Autumn period. It was located to the north east of present-day Yu County, Hebei, about 100 miles west of Beijing. It was conquered by Zhao in 475 BC.

Dai (Warring States period)

Dai was a short-lived state from 227 BC to 222 BC during the Warring States period. Prince Zhao Jia, older brother of King Youmiu of Zhao, fled with the remnant forces to the former location of Dai after the Conquest of Zhao and proclaimed himself "King of Dai". It was conquered in the year 222 BC by Qin.

Dai (given name)

Dai is a Welsh masculine given name, a diminutive form of Dafydd (David), as well as a masculine Japanese given name. Notable people with the name include:

  • Dai Davies (footballer, born 1880)
  • Dai Davies (footballer, born 1948)
  • Dai Davies (politician)
  • Dai Greene, a British hurdler
  • Dai Henwood, New Zealand comedian
  • Dai Matsumoto, Japanese voice actor
  • Dai Nagao, Japanese composer, musician and producer
  • Dai Satō, Japanese screenwriter and musician
  • Dai Ward, Wales international footballer
  • Dai Young, Wales international rugby union player

Fictional characters:

  • Dai Takabayashi, a fictional character from the anime series Super Doll Licca-chan.
  • Dai Blackthorn, a role-playing character from the RPG GURPS.

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Usage examples of "dai".

Qui gli antichi Etruschi dopo essere stati disfatti in battaglia campale dai Romani nella pianura, fecero fronte per molto tempo ancora alle legioni vittoriose.

Ceinwen Rees seized the bowl and with a tight nod turned and went out through the back door just as Dai Fargo barged his way through the front door and slammed it noisily.

She was meeting Dai at half past two and she had to get her father home for dinner first.

Those members of the congregation who liked and respected Dai hoped that he had not left his slingshot at home.

Now, even though he had not altered his dislike for Dai Fargo thinking him not good enough for his only daughter he was almost pushing her out of the house.

James Henry had already jumped down from the bus and stood alongside Elspeth and Dai as they watched Teresa and her Gran hesitate before taking the final step.

Thus, Dai, Elspeth, James Henry and Teresa and her grandmother began to head for Three Cliffs Bay and the others took the softer option.

Elspeth was as anxious as Dai to find a hiding place, but her instinct as a teacher made her feel responsible towards the children.

The last sentence was delivered over her shoulder as Dai hurried her away.

Elspeth was breathless a physical condition which was perfectly obvious to Dai as her breasts, freed from her slip, heaved under his nose.

La Repubblica Romana, sorta dai voti unanimi dei rappresentanti legittimi del popolo, era stata sepolta da alcuni mesi dalle bajonette straniere.

Camilla nel Colosseo e la condusse verso la casa di Marcello non una parola fu articolata dai due durante il viaggio.

Era la mattina del quindici Febbraio, e la campagna di Roma era illuminata dai primi raggi del sole.

Orazio che era sempre alla testa della comitiva composta di Silvia, Clelia e John, e che adoperavasi a sbarazzare il sentiero da piante cadute, e dai rami che lo attraversavano, fermossi finalmente in uno spiazzato, ove il bosco aprivasi per lasciare il posto ad un ameno praticello.

I Viterbesi, che come tutte le popolazioni Romane, avevano ordine dai comitati rivoluzionari di non muoversi e quindi non eran preparati alla pugna.