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The dahu is a legendary creature well known in France, Switzerland and the north of Italy (particularly in French-speaking Aosta Valley).

French, Italian and Swiss pranksters often describe the dahu as a mountain goat-like animal with legs of different sides having differing lengths to fit the mountain's side.

Regional variations on its name include dahut or dairi in Jura, darou in Vosges, daru in Picardy, darhut in Burgundy, daù in Val Camonica; also called a tamarou in Aubrac and Aveyron, and tamarro in Catalonia and Andorra. The dahu cub is called a dahuot.

Dahu (instrument)

The dahu (大 胡, pinyin: dàhú) is a large bowed string instrument from China. It has a large soundbox covered on one end with python skin. Like most other members of the huqin family of instruments, it has two strings and is held vertically. The instrument is generally pitched one octave below the erhu, and is considerably larger than the erhu. Its name derives from the Chinese word for "large" (), and the word (short for huqin). Its bridge is often placed somewhat above the center of the snakeskin to avoid stretching the skin.

The dahu is sometimes also called cizhonghu. It is also referred to as xiaodihu, being the same instrument as the smallest of the three sizes of dihu (large huqin instruments), the others being the zhongdihu and dadihu.

Dahu (disambiguation)

Dahu may refer to:

  • Dahu, fictional animal
  • Dahu (instrument), Chinese bowed string instrument
  • Dahu, Bushehr, a village in Bushehr Province, Iran
  • Dahu, Bardsir, a village in Kerman Province, Iran
  • Dahu, Zarand, a village in Kerman Province, Iran
  • Dahu, Miaoli in Taiwan
  • Dahu (lake)
  • Sun Dahu, Chinese princess