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adv. (eye dialect of down English) prep. (eye dialect of down English)


Dahn is a municipality in the Südwestpfalz district, in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. It is situated in the Palatinate Forest, approximately 15 km southeast of Pirmasens, and 25 km west of Landau. It is part of the Verbandsgemeinde ("collective municipality") of Dahner Felsenland.

Dahn (disambiguation)

Dahn is a municipality in the Südwestpfalz District (South-West Palatinate), in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.

Dahn may also refer to:

  • Dahn (surname)
  • Dahn Ben-Amotz (1924–1989), Israeli radio broadcaster
  • Dahn yoga
  • Castles of Dahn, Germany
  • Erlenbach bei Dahn, Germany
  • Fischbach bei Dahn, Germany
  • House of Dahn, noble house in Germany
Dahn (surname)

Dahn is German surname, and may refer to:

  • Alvin Dahn (born 1948), American musician
  • Bernice Dahn (born 1965), Liberian politician
  • Craig Dahn (born 1964), American pianist
  • Daniela Dahn (born 1949), German writer
  • Felix Dahn (1834–1912), German lawyer and writer

Usage examples of "dahn".

Naow, I'll styke my reputption on somethin', you tyke it dahn word for word.

To-morrer I'm goin' dahn to the Lybour Exchynge to git put on the wytin' list, syme as you!

For the Teutons, besides the well-known works of Maurer, Sohm (Altdeutsche Reichsund Gerichts-Verfassung), also Dahn (Urzeit, Volkerwanderung, Langobardische Studien), Janssen, Wilh.

The torchlight faded, and Hawkmoon and Ola dahn were left in darkness.

It seemed equally certain that Erich Keyser's History of the City of Danzig and A Struggle for Rome, which a man by the name of Felix Dahn seems to have fought with the help of Totila and Teja, Belisarius and Narses, had arrived at their present state of dilapidation beneath the hands of the seafaring brother.

Look, I'll whistle a cab for yer, and Sid an' Fred'll 'ave yer trunk run dahn in no toime!