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Usage examples of "dagh".

The deaths of Dagh Illance and the others had already become tales of renown and heroics, in which each survivor had a story of his own legendary ability in the face of the orcish hordes.

Karaja Dagh, enclosing respectively the sheltered valleys of Karlovo and Kazanlyk.

Bulgarian frontier at the head of the Mesta valley, on either side of which the Perin Dagh and the Despoto Dagh descend south and south-east respectively towards the Aegean.

Bulgar Dagh till early August, and it did not reach Aleppo till the beginning of September.

The terrain at this pass through the Koppeh Dagh was very favorable for stopping their advance.

Suvla plain and its surrounding hills to be a horse-shoe, you might say the Turks held round three parts of the shoe, leaving us with the two heels at Caracol Dagh on the north and Anzac on the south, and a line between these two points across the plain.

This plain was practically bare, but Caracol Dagh was thickly covered with dwarf oak and scrub, and Anzac with a good undergrowth of rhododendron, veronica, and other similar bushes.

The key to the crossroads was Zurkah Ziraw Dagh, a long ridge three miles to the northeast, which the Americans simply called Dog Ridge.

Long Tom remembered, there was the Cappadocian troglodyte section of Asia Minor, almost in the shadow of Mount Argaeus, or Erjias Dagh, as the Turks called the mountain.

In front of our narrow footholds the Turks, amounting to 200,000 men, held positions rising to over 700 feet at Achi Baba and Pasha Dagh, and defended by masses of artillery and machine and elaborate systems of trenches upon which the big guns from our ships appeared to have little effect.

From the south the Russians were also crossing the Palantuken Dagh, and the fate of Erzerum was sealed.

The rose-fields of Kazanlyk and Karlovo lie in the sheltered valleys between the Balkans and the parallel chains of the Sredna Gora and Karaja Dagh.