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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Dagda \Dagda\ n. in Irish legend, chief god of the Tuatha De Danann; father of Angus Og and Brigit.


Etymology 1 n. (context Irish mythology English). An important god in Irish mythology. Etymology 2

n. A town in Latvia.

Dagda (disambiguation)

The Dagda is an important god of Irish mythology.

Dagda can also refer to:

  • Dagda, Latvia, a city in eastern Latvia
  • Dagda Municipality, Latvia
  • Dagda parish, Latvia

Usage examples of "dagda".

Others of the Tuatha De Danaan were there, Eochy Mac Elathan the Dagda Mor, Dove Berg the Fiery, Gas Corrach, Coll the Sun, Cecht the Plow, Mac Greina the Hazel, and many more, high in fame.