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Daga can mean:

  • Daga District, Bhutan and its capital Daga, Bhutan
  • Daga Hundred, a geographic division in Sweden
  • Daga Island, an island located in the southeastern part of Lake Tana in Ethiopia
  • Daga language, a language in Papua New Guinea
  • Daga River (disambiguation), rivers in India, Burma and South Sudan
  • A clan in the MMORPG AQWorlds
  • a Spanish word for a dagger, especially as used in Eskrima, a umbrella term for the traditional martial arts of the Philippines
  • the Filipino (Tagalog) term for a rat or mouse
  • Dagmara Wozniak, American Olympic saber fencer

DAGA is an acronym that may refer to:

  • Deacylgymnemic acid, a chemical compound found in Gymnema sylvestris
  • "Desino Anarchos Gero Audentia," a Latin phrase meaning "Infinite Courage"