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'''Dadusha '''(reigned ca. 1800-1779 B.C.) was one of the kings of the central Mesopotamian city Eshnunna, located in the Diyala Valley. He was the son of the Eshnunna king Ipiq-Adad II (reigned ca. 1862-1818 B.C.). Although previously kings of Eshnunna had referred to themselves as ensi (governor) of the city god Tishpak, in the early 19th century rulers of Eshnunna began referring to themselves as King (Sumerian lugal). Dadusha’s father Ipiq-Adad II and his brother Naram-Suen (reigned ca. 1818-? B.C.), who ruled Eshnunna before him, both used the title king and Dadusha followed suit.

Ipiq-Adad II extended the control of Eshnunna to incorporate other cities in the Diyala Valley, including Nerebtum, Shaduppum, and Dur-Rimush. Dadusha followed the expansionist policies of his father and his brother Naram-Suen, mixing war and diplomacy to increase his control over areas. His continued expansionism caused Eshnunna to become one of the most powerful states in the Mesopotamian region in the early 18th century.

Dadusha was succeeded by his son Ibal pi’el II (reigned ca. 1779-65 B.C.).