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n. (plural of dad English)

Dads (1986 TV series)

Dads is an American sitcom that aired on ABC from December 5, 1986 until February 6, 1987.

Dads (2013 TV series)

Dads (stylized as dads) is an American sitcom which premiered on September 17, 2013, and aired Tuesdays at 8:00 pm Eastern/7:00 pm Central on Fox. The series was created by Alec Sulkin and Wellesley Wild, and follows Warner and Eli, two successful video game developers whose lives are unexpectedly changed when their fathers move in with them. Sulkin and Wild are also executive producers. The show was recorded in front of a live studio audience.

On May 7, 2014, Fox canceled the series after one season.

Dads (band)

Dads is an American math rock band from Piscataway, New Jersey. The band, currently on indefinite hiatus, is composed of guitarist/vocalist Scott Scharinger, bassist Ryan Azada, and drummer/vocalist John Bradley.

Usage examples of "dads".

If he had, it might have given children a chance to run away from him when he tried to trap them in his spare bedroom and pin them to the single bed with his fat gray-hair-sprouting belly while mums and dads drank coffee in the kitchen with his stick-insect purple-mottled bruised-and-battered wife.

Some of the kids, whose dads or brothers have been killed in the War, cry every morning.

This thing with our dads has got to me more than I thought and my mum always said I had an overactive imagination.