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The Collaborative International Dictionary

dacoity \da*coit"y\, n. The practice of gang robbery in India; robbery committed by dacoits.


n. gang robbery carried out by dacoits.


n. robbery by a gang of armed dacoits [syn: dakoity]


Dacoity is a term used for " banditry" in Bengali, Hindi, Kannada and Urdu. The spelling is the anglicized version of the Hindustani word and as a colloquial Anglo-Indian word with this meaning, it appears in the Glossary of Colloquial Anglo-Indian Words and Phrases (1903). Banditry is criminal activity involving robbery by groups of armed bandits. The East India Company established the Thuggee and Dacoity Department in 1830, and the Thuggee and Dacoity Suppression Acts, 1836–1848 were enacted in British India under East India Company rule. Areas with ravines or forests, such as Chambal and Chilapata Forests, were once known for dacoits.

Usage examples of "dacoity".

Lord Bentinck appointed a special Commissioner for the Suppression of Thuggee and Dacoity, William Sleeman, and his investigations and interrogations of informers revealed the full extent of the activities of the secret society of THUGS.

Fu-Manchu, whose tentacles were dacoity, thuggee, modes of death, secret and swift, which in the darkness plucked men from life and left no clew behind.

English on one half and neat, round Burmese on the other, that five thousand rupees were offered for the capture, dead or alive, of one Boh Lu-Bain, convicted of dacoity, with murder, robbery under arms, arson, and an appalling list of subsidiary crimes.

Since the war with the Feringhees ended, there are many disbanded soldiers who have taken to dacoity, and it is always better to travel with a strong band.

This imposing gang, whose declared object was dacoity, led a roving life in the jungles of the Terai and Bhabar, their activities extending from Gonda in the east to Saharanpur in the west, a distance of several hundred miles, with occasional raids into the adjoining province of the Punjab.

So the offer of arms and ammunition was no idle one and it was the most unkind cut the dacoit leader could have delivered to the head of the Special Dacoity Police Force.