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She leaned back against the dry, flaky bark of the sycamore, releasing Dacey so he couldn't feel the sudden clamminess of her hands.

Mage, crouching by Dacey, gave a lip-wrinkled snarl but held his place, enough of a warning that the boy backed away a step.

The men who were crouching over the leader's body obviously hadn't found the dart yet, not from the looks they were giving Dacey.

Blaine watched long enough to see Chase and Whimsy shoot in from the side, knock Dacey about with their tails, and bound off again.

Dacey skidded back like a horse under a rough curb bit, his expression wary, touched by wild fear.

As Dacey went to him, the dog struggled to rise, revealing a dry spot where he had waited out the rain.

Dacey erupted from his camouflage, knife first, barreling through the astonished plainsman's hasty defense.

Dacey repeated sharply, hesitating, his head held at an angle that let her know he was thinking about all those behind him, choosing his words.

She had managed to find some sumac after all, and she held forth the basket as a kind of peace offering when Dacey looked up at her.

They reached the end of the row, where the girl hesitated just long enough for her daddy to flip the trace chain over so it wouldn't twist, and then directed the horse in a tight turn that brought Dacey right into her field of view.

Blue stole into the pines ahead of her and curled up into an abject ball beside Dacey, whiffling a sigh out through his flews.

Blaine threw herself down beside Dacey, where Mage whined his worry at her.

The dogs in question instantly trampled it, milling around Dacey with eager whines and little, restrained half jumps.