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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Dabb \Dabb\ (d[.a]b), n. (Zo["o]l.) A large, spine-tailed lizard ( Uromastix spinipes), found in Egypt, Arabia, and Palestine; -- called also dhobb, and dhubb.


n. (surname patronymic from=given names)

Usage examples of "dabb".

But what I want to make clear to you Dabb, is that Amy was never serious about me.

By the way, Dabb, are you still head of the Territory Cattle Association?

They tell me Hesbitt was stubborn as a mule, but Dabb an Lincoln together flattened him out soft.

Because she wheedled John Dabb to offer you the running of Sunset Pass Ranch?

It was not the fault of Daniel Dabbs if members of the Hoxton and Islington branch of the Union read the paragraph without understanding to whom it referred.

Daniel Dabbs took it for a humorous effect and began a roar, which was summarily interdicted.

Daniel Dabbs had never made a speech in his life, but excitement drove him on the honourable post of seconder.

Nicholas Dabbs, the brother of Daniel, was not a man to lose anything by failure to acknowledge social distinctions.

A few staunch friends Richard had, who made it their business stoutly to contradict the calumnies which came within their hearing, Daniel Dabbs the first of them.

Keene might have fallen short of prudence, with the result that Daniel Dabbs might be in a position to trace this calumny to him, Mutimer.

Who is this man Dabbs, I wonder, who has the impudence to write to you in this way?

Emma heard, however, of the loan from Daniel Dabbs, and afterwards thanked him for his kindness, but she resolutely set her face against the repetition of such favours, though Daniel would have willingly helped when she came out of the hospital.

She believed that Daniel Dabbs had been repaid, otherwise she could not have rested a moment.

She could not imagine herself consenting to marry any man, but the reasons why she could not marry Daniel Dabbs were manifold.

She sat down on the bed and began to talk of Daniel Dabbs, as she had often done already, in a maundering way.