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Daba may refer to:

  • RAF El Daba Daba Egypt
  • Daba (religion), a native religion of the Mosuo people
  • Daba (settlement), a Georgian equivalent of an urban-type settlement
Daba (settlement)

Daba is a type of human settlement in Georgia, a “small city”. It is equivalent to an urban-type settlement in some other countries of the former Soviet Union.

In present-day Georgia, daba is typically defined as a settlement with the population of no less than 3,000 and established social and technical infrastructure, which enables it to function as a local economic and cultural center; it, furthermore, should not possess large agricultural lands. The status of daba can also be granted to a settlement with the population of less than 3,000, provided it functions as an administrative center of the district (municipality) or has a prospect of further economic and population growth in the nearest future.

Usage examples of "daba".

La puerta del fondo, que siempre estaba cerrada con llave, daba a San Salvador.