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n. (lang=en DA)

Usage examples of "da's".

Liath had never much liked Hugh, but this had shocked and horrified her because Hugh had by this action betrayed Da's trust in him in a way Liath could never ever reveal.

At first she thought it was Da's magic that spared her, for he burned and he blistered.

Liudolf sighed again and made a great show of tallying up the coin and barter gained from the sale of Da's possessions.

She left the city of memory behind, left the jeweled rose and Da's words.

She had never before realized how forbidden the knowledge of the heavens must be, which she had begun to learn at her Da's knee as effortlessly as a duck takes to water.

She had let her impatience with fools and that old slow-burning anger at Da's death get the better of her.

It reminded her of the water in the crypt of the church where Marshal Liudolf had locked her up after Da's murder.

She was now always and ever marked by that slavery, just as she was marked by Da's murder and by the mystery of the white feather she had found next to his dead body.

It's even prettier than the countryside 'round your da's old mill on the River Bog.

So, it's because of your da's choice to deliver flour that day, and your dam's choice to be riding in the wagon, that the entire war will be won.