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abbr. (context board games role-playing games English) A die#Noun with six sides. alt. (context board games role-playing games French) #English


D6, D.VI, D06 or D.6 can refer to:

  • D6-DMSO or deuterated DMSO, a molecule containing six deuterium atoms
  • D6 HDTV VTR, a SMPTE VTR Type D6, uncompressed HDTV VTR -(Gigabit Data Recorder - 2000-2006) made by Philips
  • D6 road (Croatia), a state road in Croatia
  • D6 System, a system of game mechanics for role-playing games
  • Albatros D.VI, a 1917 German prototype single-seat twin-boom pusher biplane
  • ATC code D06 Antibiotics and chemotherapeutics for dermatological use, a subgroup of the Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification System
  • Auster D.6, a 1960 four-seat British light aircraft
  • Bavarian D VI, an 1880 German saturated steam locomotive
  • Caterpillar D6, a 1956 medium bulldozer
  • Dewoitine D.6, a Dewoitine aircraft
  • Dublin 6, a Dublin, Ireland postal district
  • Dunne D.6, a British Dunne aircraft
  • Fokker D.VI, a 1917 German fighter aircraft
  • HMS Hampshire (D06), a 1961 British Royal Navy County-class destroyer
  • HMS Keith (D06) a WWII British Royal Navy B-class destroyer
  • London Buses route D6, a Transport for London contracted bus route
  • MGWR Class D6, a Midland Great Western Railway Irish steam locomotive model
  • PRR D6, an 1881 American steam locomotive model
  • Roland D.VI, a 1918 German fighter aircraft
  • SP&S Class D-6, a steam locomotives class
  • Clavinet D6, an electrophonic keyboard instrument manufactured by the Hohner company
  • The IATA code for Interair South Africa, an airline based in Johannesburg, South Africa
  • d6, gaming notation for a six-sided die
  • In mathematics, [[Dihedral group of order 6|D]], the dihedral group of order 6
  • D06, Carcinoma in situ of cervix uteri in ICD-10 code
  • d may refer to the d electron count of a transition metal complex.
  • D6, common abbreviation for the Yamaha XJ600 Diversion motorcycle.
  • D-6, codename for the Moscow Metro 2
  • D6, the first Citroen Dyane designation for Dyane with 602cc engine.