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abbr. (context board games role-playing games English) A die roll used for example in some role-playing games and wargames to generate a random number between 1 and 100. The most common method is to roll 2 differently colored d10s, where each color has been designated to represent one of the two digits. (Rolls of ''10'' are treated as the digit ''0''. Double-''0'' can be treated as zero or 100, depending on the context.)


D100 may refer to:

  • Nikon D100, A digital camera manufactured by Nikon.
  • D100, A type of Percentile die.
  • D100 a model of Dodge truck from 1961-1993
  • D100, an Internet radio station in Hong Kong
D100 (radio station)

D100 is an Internet radio station in Hong Kong, which was established by Lam Yuk-wah, Albert Cheng and Morris Ho. The radio station was established due to the closure of Digital Broadcast Corporation Hong Kong.

In order to increase coverage, a telephone line (+852 1831100) is set up to provide an alternative way for live listening. By this method, radio channel is transmitted through telephone line, not internet, this allows people with no or limited internet access can also listen to D100 Radio. As all land line telephone service providers in Hong Kong only charge a fixed monthly fee and provide unlimited connection time, any household in Hong Kong installed with a land line and a speaker phone can make use of this method to listen D100 Radio without any additional cost.

D100 donates space in their Cyberport office free of charge to Hong Kong Free Press.