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contraction 1 (context archaic informal English) did ye. 2 (context archaic informal English) do ye.

Usage examples of "d'ye".

Camy, Camy, you old son of a sandwich, d'ye think I could get along without you?

D'ye think that we are a coople av hoochy-koochy girls to be makin' sphort for all the domned dudes that runs to look at us whin their mammas don't know they're out?

D'ye think Crookes, now, couldn't make Bear sentiment with the public, with just the lift o' one forefinger?

Now, d'ye see, it's all clear —the drogher must have gone down in a squall —the shark must have picked up my son Jack, and must have digested his body, but has not been able to digest his watch.

D'ye reckon, being a sportin' man and an A 1 feller, he's goin' to waltz down inter that hotel, rigged out ez he is?

The tails tapering down that way, serve to carry off the water, d'ye see.

D'ye know how much a single Congreve rocket-head weighs, without its stick?

Perhaps he said more than that, but d'ye know, I doubt it - I can see him yet, bolt upright on his camp-stool, the lean, muscular arms folded across his long body, the grizzled whiskers like a furze-bush, chewing each word slowly before he let it out, the light eyes straying ever and anon to his beloved bull fiddle.

D'ye see the scars on me head where I was struck with flying bricks?

And harkee, Mr Rowbotham, he is to come down through the lubber's hole, d'ye hear me?

I have a few thousands to invest, d'ye see, and I think I'll sink them in you.

I must tell you, ma'am - put that as civil as ever you can, Tapia, d'ye hear me - I must tell you that the Americans are my King's enemies: the two states are at war and that we shall guard you from them and from Kalahua, who has misused our countrymen, if you will accept King George's protection - is that how I should put it, Stephen?

What d'ye think they're calling you down in Bombay these days - the Pall Mall Pathan!

If you've a lad missing, and hear of a lad popping up and causing a stir in the forest nearby, conclusions might be drawn, d'ye not think?

Well, man dear, I was after thinkin' yonder that I'd be makin' ye a small loan for your train ticket, but d'ye know, I'd he party to an awful sin if I did that, so I would.