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n. (plural of d English)

Usage examples of "d's".

The C of D's strolled past a six-foot grandfather clock, breakfronts with pewter cups and crystal goblets stacked inside, and paused at the foot of a carpeted staircase.

Everyone knows that the Arabic abounds in d's, and perhaps the philologists are right in calling it the most ancient of languages, since the a is the most natural and easy to pronounce of all the letters.

Gately disastrously decides to go ahead and allow a nonviolent burglary to become in effect a robbery which the operative legal difference involves either violence or the coercive threat of same and Gately draws himself up to his full menacing height and shines his flashlight in the little homeowner's rheumy eyes and addresses him the way menacing criminals speak in popular entertainment d's for th's, various apocopes, and so on and takes hold of the guy's ear and conducts him down to a kitchen chair and binds his arms and legs to the chair with electrical cords neatly clipped from refrigerator and can-opener and M.

And Rose d'Anjou, a suspect wine at best, is anathema to both Burgundy food and any cheese and most certainly should never do for the crepes, which were excellent, as I told the maitre d'.

I'll eat out maybe four times at Mickey D's, either at breakfast (Egg McMuffin, coffee, two hash browns) or at dinner (Quarter Pounder with Cheese, never mind that Arch shit, what dimbulb thought that one up).

Cohen at a price of nearly $100,000, and to this day there is a Stein Chagall and Picasso at the Galeria d'.

The Nordic Princess was served by a crew of three hundred, mostly Dominicans and Haitians, with a few obligatory white Englishmen to serve as bell captains and maitre d's.

He had heard that Mr D's request to be sent in to Callao with the other Frenchmen had been refused.

Hanging in the doorway of the Gowanda Street barbershop, screechylaughing in the doorway of the fish fry place, the barbecue place, Leo's Bar & Grill, Poppa D's, the Cleveland Social Club with its windowless lamade painted electric blue.

T's and K's, G's and P's, B's and D's, and a guttural consonant that Oykib knew his own throat could not possibly make.

She was a cute kid and she would make out, oh yes, she would make out with anyone who had the D's.

Dat Birdie Johnson, da maitre d', he permis me a ringside whenebber Ah come nex'.

Missile R and D's offering me a commission right away, captain inside of two years.

That red hook shocked me in a way the quiz D's hadn't, and angered me as well.

You take your cell phone and Louie D's heart to Quaker Bridge Mall and I'll call you at seven o'clock.