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abbr. (context insurance English) 'directors' and officers'.

Usage examples of "d&o".

The soprano leaves the baritone anD goes up to a high D anD just hangs there, either shattereD or ecstatic.

Or to d hour after hour watching him breathe along th the bleeps and hums of a dozen machines?

She sank into one, d her coat across her lap and set to studying the Wdes on her palm caused by her tight grip on her Moments later, a door opened on the far side of the Sh looked up.

All that regis ere t d in her memory from that long-ago meetwas their warmth and understanding.

If what derek was telling her d come out during his trial, it never made the papers.

They simply surrendered to the warmth d let the water massage their entwined limbs.

Greer found Padilla - a link to my past d theoretically it would have worked well.

P, F-n d P n t story on her late husband and want to ask some questions - which is, in fact, the truth.

And he took care of Sabrina when she developed a d case of the flu, which-he guessed accounted for r fatigue.

It never d to me that I was being used - well, maybe or twice when I felt he was asking too many ns about you and not enough about me, but it She frowned at the floor, ran a palm over the d of her jeans, swallowed hard.

He backtrackeD as far as the enclave of mismatcheD trailers, which haD the letters A, B, C, D, E, anD F on small painteD signs in front.