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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Czech \Czech\ (ch[e^]k; 204), prop. n.

  1. One of the Czechs.

  2. The language of the Czechs (often called Bohemian), the harshest and richest of the Slavic languages.

  3. Of or pertaining to Czechoslovakia or the Czech Republic.


Czechs \Czechs\ (ch[e^]ks), prop. n. pl.; sing. Czech. [Named after their chieftain, Czech.] (Ethnol.) The most westerly branch of the great Slavic family of nations, numbering now more than 6,000,000, and found principally in Bohemia and Moravia.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

said to be from the name of an ancestral chief, but perhaps from a source akin to Czech četa "army."


a. Of, from, or pertaining to Czechia or the Czech people, culture, or language. n. A person from the Czech Republic (Czechia) or of Czech descent. n. A Slavic language primarily spoken in the Czech Republic.


Czech may refer to:

  • Anything from or related to the Czech Republic, a country in Europe
  • Czech language
  • Czechs, the people of the area
  • One of three mythical brothers, Lech, Czech and Rus

The word is also contained in the names of some places:

  • Czech, Łódź Voivodeship (Poland)
  • Czechville, Wisconsin (USA)

Usage examples of "czech".

Beside Craig two men who had been talking quietly together in an incomprehensible language-they were northerners, definitely, judging from their heavy blunt features, white faces, fairish hair: Balts or Poles, perhaps Czechs?

Waiting only for some turn of events that would break the grip of the ramshackle systems that suppressed them, Balts, Poles, Czechs, Serbs, Greeks, Albanians, Bulgars, Romanians, Kurds, Arabs, Armenians, and a host of other nationalities looked forward eagerly to their day of liberation.

The Czechs, Poles, Hungarians, assorted Balkanians, even the Balts - have merely switched empires.

How many votes would you get for teffing those people down there that the Jew is brainier than they are, or that these immigrant Czechs and Hungarians are more hard working?

It was not likely that someone somewhere in the world would acknowledge this cultural debt and found a chair in Czech and Czechoslovak literature at one of the newt universities.

Czech for newts was published, complete with illustrations of Czechoslovak handwriting styles.

Masaryk, the Czech minister, the son of the founding father of the Czechoslovak Republic, looked on from the diplomatic gallery, unable to believe his eyes.

The Czechoslovak President declared that, in order to serve this object and to achieve ultimate pacification, he confidently placed the fate of the Czech people and country in the hands of the Fuehrer of the German Reich.

Eden, whose Czech sympathies were known, the British Government, early in 1940, officially recognized the Czechoslovakian committee and Chamberlain made a statement recommending that Czechoslovakia be reconstructed.

Kundera, the strategies by which Soviet discourse imposes its centralization and uniformity on Czech history are those that structuralist and deconstructionist discourses impose upon chosen texts.

Britain could put only two divisions in France and when the German Army was incapable of fighting on two fronts and, according to the German generals, even incapable of penetrating the Czech defenses.

For some time now he had felt himself reinforced in his judgment that Prime Minister Chamberlain would sacrifice the Czechs rather than go to war and that, in such a case, France would not fulfill her treaty obligations to Prague.

The Czechs - like other central and east European countries - mistook a transatlantic tiff for a geopolitical divorce and tried to implausibly capitalize on the yawning rift that opened between the erstwhile allies.

By the time we had finished eating the train was in Gera, close to the Czech border, but despite the fact that our S A travelling companion got off at that stop, there was no sign of the troop concentrations we had heard about.

It is only as an Austrian who came of age in the last decade before the collapse of the Hapsburg Empire, who failed to take root in its civilized capital, who embraced all the preposterous prejudices and hates then rife among its German-speaking extremists and who failed to grasp what was decent and honest and honorable in the vast majority of his fellow citizens, were they Czechs or Jews or Germans, poor or well off, artists or artisans, that Hitler can be understood.