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Czakó or Cakó is a Hungarian language surname, which is derived from the name for a type of military cap. It may refer to:

  • Ferenc Cakó (born 1950), Hungarian artist
  • György Czakó (born 1933), Hungarian figure skater
  • Hito Çako (1923–1975), Albanian politician
  • Iosif Czako (1906–1966), Romanian football player
  • Jacqueline Cako (born 1991), American tennis player
  • Kálmán Czakó (1919–1985) Hungarian prosecutor and politician
  • Krisztina Czakó (born 1978), Hungarian figure skater
  • Pirro Çako (born 1965), Albanian singer
  • Zsigmond Czakó (1820–1847), Hungarian actor and writer