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n. (context biology English) The arrangement of cells in an organism or organ


n. the cellular composition of a bodily structure [syn: cytoarchitectonics]


Cytoarchitecture ( Greek κύτος= "cell" + αρχιτεκτονική= "architecture"), also known as cytoarchitectonics, is the study of the cellular composition of the body's tissues under the microscope. Applied particularly to the study of the central nervous system, cytoarchitectonics is one of the ways to parse the brain, by obtaining sections of the brain and staining them with chemical agents that reveal how neurons are "stacked" into layers.

The study of the parcellation of nerve fibers (primarily axons) into layers forms the subject of myeloarchitectonics (

Usage examples of "cytoarchitecture".

Ever since the first development of artificial synapses capable of linking up human nervous systems to silicon-based electronic systems, numerous schemes had been devised for hooking up the brain to computers or adding smart nanotech to its cytoarchitecture, but almost all the experiments had gone disastrously wrong.