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The name Cyrk may refer to:

  • Cyrk (Company), a promotions company
  • A character on the American television program Angel (TV series)
  • Cyrk (Art), Polish posters
Cyrk (company)

Cyrk was once one of the largest promotions companies in the world with over 2000 employees worldwide. The company's stock was listed on NASDAQ under the ticker symbol CYRK. Founded in 1976 by Gregory Shlopak (born 1946) and Paul Butman (born 1949), Cyrk started as a company that did screen-printing of customized clothing. The company went public in 1993 and the stock price hovered around $40 per share. The company had several divisions although its consumer loyalty division was the company's cash flow engine.

Cyrk (art)

Cyrk - contemporary Polish circus posters, emerged in 1962 as a genre of the Polish School of Posters. They are characterized by their display of aesthetic qualities such as painterly gestures, linear design, hand-lettering, metaphors, humor, and vibrant colors. Usually based on a single theme and meant to be advertisements; they were created in an attempt to interest the passerby in the upcoming circus. Several Polish painters contributed to establishing the art style, among them Henryk Tomaszewski.