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When Cyn made no reply, the highwayman hitched his horse to the back and swung up beside him.

Rothgar had refused to buy him a commission and so Cyn had taken the shilling.

With his deceptively delicate appearance Cyn was not accustomed to women being so wary of him.

But Verity had already cut the strips of cloth tying Cyn to the bed, and he gratefully swung up into the vertical, working the numbness out of his wrists.

Being unbound, Cyn had no problem with her looming over him if it made her comfortable.

Rothgar had seriously proposed buying him a regiment, but Cyn had refused, and proved to himself and his brother that he could stand alone.

He drained the ale Cyn had purchased for him and wiped his mouth with his sleeve.

Chastity and Cyn had to fight their way through after her, like battling through endless lines of washing.

Chastity could see, Cyn purchased a nightgown, a lace-trimmed chemise, two pairs of cotton stockings, and garters threaded with pink ribbon.

Chastity set to soothing her sister, and Cyn took Hoskins down to the coach and horses.

Charles dressed in her good-quality clothing and assisted her sister until Cyn slyly questioned the propriety of this.

It was appropriate traveling wear, but its chief charm for Cyn was the lack of whalebone.

As handsome as Cyn was beautiful, he carried an aura of dark power which had its own magnetic quality.

It was an affliction that went with his pale skin and red hair, but Cyn knew he never let it interfere with his duty.

Through the edge of the window, she saw Cyn emerge and wanted to scream a warning.