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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Cymry \Cym"ry\ (-r?), n. [W., pl.] A collective term for the Welsh race; -- so called by themselves . [ Written also Cymri, Cwmry, Kymry, etc.]

Usage examples of "cymry".

Startled, he caught it neatly, and the second one that the same man tossed to him, before Cymry found another opening in the traffic and moved smoothly ahead.

Guards on the ground and Cymry able to leap a farm wagon without thinking about it.

It was big, that feeling, and it had been the thing that had broken through his barriers back there, when Cymry reaffirmed her bond with him.

And if he was impressed, he hated to think how all those farmboys and fisherfolk Cymry had talked about must have felt when they first saw it.

He soaked and soaked until the aches of that horrible ride with Cymry were considerably eased and he felt cleaner than he ever had in his whole life.

From the moment Cymry left the park with you, there were witnesses, many of them members of the City Guard.

But although Cymry had warned him playfully about eating himself sick, he was mindful of that very consideration.

There would be plenty of time to spend with Cymry, and at that moment, there was nothing in the world that he would rather have been doing.

Skif replied, feeling an unaccountable shyness, a shyness that evidently was shared by Cymry, who kept glancing at the other Companion with mingled awe and admiration.

He said as much to Cymry, once they were up in among the mansions of the great and powerful.

He looked down to discover that Cymry had brought him to the little gate in the Palace walls used by all the Trainees on legitimate business, and the Gate Guard was looking up at him with a hint of suspicion.

He unsaddled Cymry and turned her loose, and slipped into his room again via the window, thus avoiding any potentially awkward questions in the hall.

The key to this entire plan was that Kantor and Cymry could Mindspeak to each other, keeping Skif and Alberich aware of everything that was going on.

Between the first and the second, Cymry told him that Alberich had gotten into the building, but could tell him nothing more than that.

No one had sent Skif back to the Collegium, and he waited beside Alberich, between Kantor and Cymry, listening with all his might to the grim-voiced conversations around him.