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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Cymbalist \Cym"bal*ist\, n. A performer upon cymbals.


n. A musician who plays the cymbals

Usage examples of "cymbalist".

Lake of the Golden House, assemble trumpeters, zither players, flutists, cymbalists, foot-cymbalists, and singers.

Strolling musicians hired for the evening, harpists and soft clinking cymbalists, performed just as at any party at any time in history.

Just behind all these Cammerling saw ranks of archers advancing with fire-headed missiles on their bows, and the whole mass was being urged on by horn-blowers, cymbalists and bull-roarers and standard-bearers staggering under huge pennants realistically resembling entire flayed human hides.

Lucy knew that Cymbalist was a general practitioner, though not on Three Counties’.