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Usage examples of "cyl".

Lying there, watching the numbers reconfigure themselves to show every passing moment, Cyl DeGraffenried wondered dully who it was that first realized it would take only seven straight little segments of liquid crystal to display every digit.

Boston without a backward look, which was probably why Cyl had grown up feeling betrayed and abandoned and wary of trusting again.

Gaithers started to object but Cyl blithely chose to misunderstand him.

In her neat blue dress with a chaste white collar, she was no-where near as beautiful as Cyl, but there was something wistful in her eyes and I wondered if Ralph had been unfaithful to her before or was Cyl an aberration waiting to happen?

I claimed for Cyl and me, and there were a couple of recliner chairs as well.

He turned to Cyl, who sat on the other side of him, and she nodded gravely.

Maidie picked up that something was going on and they kept Lashanda laughing and talking and plied with honey for her biscuit till Cyl came back to the table.

Dwight went off to bed in my old corner room upstairs, Cyl and I changed into gym shorts and baggy T-shirts for sleeping.

The children were already outdoors and Cyl and I got a cup of coffee and went out to survey the damage more closely.

All this so that Cyl could have one very quick, if very public, moment with Ralph.

I know that I was misunderstanding my need for protection, my joy at being saved, with the painful sensuality Styur had awakened within me, and I wanted to share myself with Cyl the only way I had known how for month.

I helped back, and Cyl watched with amusement as we competed gigglingly to see who could take whose clothes off first.

Not like I had the first night when Dyn and Cyl had spoken to me, but total, utter abandonment to tears.

But for me, for Cyl, and for Myr, it was to be a working, loving house for many years.

Having known the love of both Myr and Cyl, together and separately, I felt free to admit that I immediately knew lust for the women of the Braban.