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If they still haven't repaired the runaway drive, they're about eleven light-years past the 61 Cygni system (their speed when they passed the double star was better than 99% the speed of light).

There's more stuff about what the ship looked like to the people on 61 Cygni, and how cum we could talk to them all the time even though time was slower there, but its all as stupid as this.

He aims the ship's prow at the natural navigation beacon of Alpha Cygni, a white-hot giant star that blazes against a background of dark molecular clouds—and he pushes on, in the direction called swan, where the Chenzeme warships seem to originate.

Alpha Cygni blazed dead ahead, a point of white-hot brilliance less than two years away.

Burning through the ranks of the forest, the giant star Alpha Cygni gleamed on the artificial horizon, a navigation beacon as white as philosopher cells.

Nikko glanced down its path, to see the familiar starfield that had lam ahead of the ship for almost two hundred years, unnumbered suns fronting the dark wall of a giant molecular cloud, and at the center, the navigation beacon he had followed since Deception Well: the white-hot star, Alpha Cygni, now only two years away.

And Alpha Cygni is a young star, probably no more than a few million years old.

Assuming we don't lose the steerage engines, some minor corrections as we approach Alpha Cygni might be possible.

Nikko had spent months planning their approach to Alpha Cygni, developing a scheme to pull the ship's uncontammated mass in from bow and stern, to encase the core region in a shield layered with insulating vacuum.

Alpha Cygni was so massive, so bright, Lot felt it should be as old as the galaxy.

Lot found a cold amusement in the irony that Alpha Cygni, in all its short-lived fury, should be a safer destination than any system sporting a lovely blue-green aqueous world.

Alpha Cygni might mean death for them, but deep in its core, elements were being brewed that would make new worlds.

Alpha Cygni had swollen into an immense plain mottled with granular shadows.

The ring artifact stood against the face of Alpha Cygni, too small to discern, so its position was represented by a tiny black circle drawn by Vigil's DI.

The little probe had followed its own path around Alpha Cygni, and now the passing hours pulled it ever farther from Null Boundary.